Original Title : Chaharshanbeh
Type : Drama Fiction/ Crime

Running Time:  87 min
Film Gauge:  Canon HD
Original version:  Persian
Subtitled in English
Screening format: DCP, Blu-Ray
Sound: Surround 5.1
Ratio: 16:9
Year: 2016

40th São Paulo International Film Festival From October 20th to the November 2nd in the New Directors Competition section. 53rd International Antalya Film Festival, 16-23 Oct 2016. 7th LONDON Iranian Film Festival 28th Oct - 2th Nov


Shahab Hosseini  as Salim
Arman Darvish as Taher
Nasim Adabi as Tayebe
Hasti  Mahdavi as Akram
Amirhosein Shaam Bayati as Majid (Groom )
Elham HaajFathali as Raheleh


Director : Soroush Mohamadzadeh
Writer: Peyman Naaji, Soroush Mohamadzadeh
Visual Effects Designers:
Production Manager: Alireza Shams Sharifi
Sound Designing and Synchronizing : Alireza Alavian
Set and Costume Designer: Mohsen  Gholami
Makeup Designer: Iman Omidvari
Music: Ali Birang
Editor: Soroush Mohamadzadeh, Esmaiel Torkzad
Director of Photography: Morteza Ghafouri
Producer: Yousef Vejdandoust

Two years ago during Akram’s engagement ceremony, her father was killed during a fight with one of the close relatives of the groom and after a while, he is sentenced to death. Today, is the day when his execution sentence has been approved after a long time and Akram and her family members, i.e. her sister and two brothers shall go to the court to ask for such execution. However, there seemingly is a problem which made Akram and her sister hesitant. They told about it to Salim as well. But they prefer not to tell anything to Taher, their smaller brother. Salim tells him that it is better that they give consent and ask for blood money instead of execution. However, Taher becomes insane and tells he will never give his consent. After referring to their lawyer, he learns that in case he wants to enforce the order, according to the law he shall personally pay for the blood money shares of his sisters and brother. First of all his sisters say that they want no money. But Salim insists to get hi share which is around 40 million Toomans, which is a bitg sum for Taher, who works as a cycling messenger. Meanwhile, Taher learns that Akram, his younger sister, is pregnant, while no official marriage formula has been pronounced between her and her husband, Majid.  This issue causes that Majid did it through the plans of his mother to be able to obtain the consent. Now Taher more emphasizes on execution, but he has only two days to provide the money. On the other hand, the murderer’s family do their best to obtain the consent. Taher considers the only way to provide funds as mortgaging his father’s house title deed and getting some cash on interest. Akram is upset because of this issue and tries her best to stop him. One day before execution, Taher brings money for Salim. Salim quarrels with him about mortgaging the house and throws him out of the house. Akram comes back home, while had an abortion and feels ill. After a while, Majid comes home and says last night the murderer had a heart attack because fear from being executed and died.

Taher leaves the house while everybody is surprised.




Name & Surname: Soroush Mohamadzadeh

Date of Birth: 1979


2005- Graduated in Electrotechnique Engineering

 Work Experience

As a Director

2016- “Wednesday”.

2013- “Bitter & Sweet” as a TV Series

2012- “ Feiz School” TV Documentary

2010- “ Photographer” TV Documentary

2010- “ I am a soldier” TV Documentary

2009- “ A Light is on here” TV Documentary

2009- “ Neghab” TV Documentary

2009- “ Maybe far, Maybe Close” TV Documentary

2008- “ After Years”  TV Documentary

 As an Editor

2016- “Wednesday”

2013- “Bitter & Sweet” as a TV Series

2012- “ The city that doesn’t sleep” as a Telefilm


Editing of more than 20 Documentaries.

 As a Scriptwriter

2016- “Wednesday” (co-scriptwriter)

2009- “Elegance” as a telefilm

Cooperating with Islamic Republic of Iran Television

1995-2000 As an Assistant Director




Name & Surname: Yousef Vejdandoust

Date of Birth: 1981 in Mashhad


2009- Associate’s degree in film making from Tehran Applied Sciences University

Working records:

  • Member of Cinema House documentary producers society,
  • Member of Cinema House planners and assistant directors society,

Work Experience

  • Producer of Wednesday movie 2015, admitted in 34th Fajr Film Festival,
  • Midnight Sun movie project executive and production manager, produced by Shahab Hosseini,

Three years, three months and two days short film project executive, directed by Davoud Rahmani, winner of gold medal of the best narrative


  1. 40th São Paulo International Film Festival From October 20th to the November 2nd in the New Directors Competition section.
  2. 53rd International Antalya Film Festival, 16-23 Oct 2016.
  3. 7th LONDON Iranian Film Festival 28th Oct – 2th Nov





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