Original title : TABOO
Type : Feature Fiction

Film Gauge : DCP, Color
Original version : Persian
Subtitled : in English
Screening format : DCP, Blu-Ray
Sound : Surround 5.1
Ratio : 16:9
Year : 2015

39th The Montreal World Film Festival in the International Competition Section ..27 August- 7 September 2015. Montreal - Canada San Francisco Iranian Film Festival in the Main Competition Section .Awarded in 3 categories in San Francisco Film Festival :  Best Actress Award  Best Film Award  Best Director Award


Elnaz Shakerdoost
Hadi Dibaji
Jamal Ejlali
Jamshid Jahanzadeh
Khayam Vaghar
Mehran Rajabi
Nouraldin Aalami
Bijan Afshar
Hossein Abedini
Elham Nahi
Roshanak Gerami
Mitra Tabrizi


Written and Directed by: Khosro Masoumi
Producers: Javad Norooz-Beigi, Mohammad Emami
Director of Photography: Nader Masoumi
Editor: Hasan Hasandoost
Costume and Production Designer: Hooman Masoumi
Sound-Recordist: Ahmad Salehi
Score: Morteza Saedi
Sound Editing: Amir Hossein Ghasemi

TABOO  is the story of a67 years old Iranian Landowner in North of Iran .  In spite of Having 3 legal Wife  He is pushing one of his workers — who has a beautiful 24 years old daughter — , to force her daughter into marriage with him, The girl is a student in a university in Rasht ( a city north of Iran ) and she is very active in Social Student Activities in the university , in the same time she is in love with one of her classmate who is elementary  teacher in a village near to town, They compelled her to  goes to marriage ceremony but she escapes  and  goes to the school that her lover is teaching ,  but he doesn’t keep her since all the students discover she is there and send her to his small apartment in the city who shares with two of his friends but the apartment is not safe and he send her to a deserted Ship that one of his friend makes Alcohol and vin illegally there , but they are in terrible  , The man and the father find them for Revenge….

KHOSRO Masoumi


MasoumiKhsoro Masoumi, born on 1957 in Behshahr studied cinema and television at Dramatic Arts University. He began his career in 1958 with Free Cinema in Bandar Abbas andlater in the early 80’s he began directing short and feature films.
Masoumi directed his debut feature in 1986 titled The Encounter.
International Presence
Leaden Times (1986): Pesaro, Karlovy Vary and Delhi Film Festivals
Tradition of Killing Lovers (2004): Shanghai, Asia Pacific, Denver, UCLA, Moscow, Copenhagen and Delhi Film Festivals.
Somewhere Far Away (2006): Cairo Film Festival.
Wind Blows on the Meadow (2008): Pyongyang, Fajr, Byron Bay and Seattle Film Festivals.
Bear(2012): Shanghai, Antalya, Asia Pacific, Trento and Oslo Film Festivals.


Awards and Nominations:
Leaden Times
Appreciated in Karlovy Vary Film Festival
Appreciated in Pesaro Film Festival, Italy
Tradition of Killing Lovers:
Best Director, Isfahan International Children and Young Adults Film Festival
Best Feature Film, Shanghai International Film Festival (2006)
Nominee for best feature, best director, best screenplay and best actor in Asia Pacific Film Festival (2004)
Appreciated in Denver, UCLA, Moscow, Delhi and Copenhagen Film Festivals.
Somewhere Far Away
Best Director, Cairo Film Festival
Wind Blows on the Meadow
Best Film, Fajr International Film Festival
Best Film, Byron Bay 2010, Australia
Best Director, Pyongyang Film Festival
Appreciated in Seattle Film Festival
The Bear
Best Film, Shanghai Film Festival (2012)
Nominee for Best Film, Best Director, International Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival
Nominee for Best Film, Best Director, Asia Pacific Film Festival
Best Film about Women in Trento Film Festival, Italy 2013
Appreciated in Oslo Film Festival

Javad Norooz-Beigi


Javad Norooz Beigi is an Iranian producer who was born in 1966. He studied Management and his professional involvement in the film industry started in 1993. Javad Norooz Beigi is the creator of the Qabe Aseman Art & Culture Production Institute, an institute that deals with the production of films and TV shows.


Awarded in 3 categories in San Francisco Film Festival :

Best Actress Award

Best Film Award

Best Director Award


Available :  All rights, World

DISTR :  Theatrical, TV, DVD-video, VOD, Airline, World

Category : Art House , Feature

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