Original Title : MAHI
Type : Drama Fiction

Running Time:   94 min
Film Gauge: 4k
Original version:  Persian
Subtitled in English
Screening format: DCP, Blu-Ray
Sound: Dolby
Ratio: 16:9
Year: 2016


Attore 1 – Actor 1: Anna Ne’mati                                 Personaggio – Character: Mohey
Attore 2 – Actor 2: Mehran Ahmadi                           Personaggio – Character:  Farzin Nami
Attore 3 – Actor 3: Homayoon Ershadi                     Personaggio – Character: Dr Abadi
Attore 4 – Actor 4: Ehsan Amani                                Personaggio – Character: Bahman
Attore 5 – Actor 5: Sepideh Ala’ee                              Personaggio – Character: Dr Rahimzadeh
Attore 6 – Actor 6: Hoda Noorizadeh                        Personaggio – Character: Sariyeh
Attore 7 – Actor 7: Maryam Davoodi                         Personaggio – Character: Girl


Director :  Davood Khayyam
Writer:      Davood Khayyam
Visual Effects Designers: Milad Farajollahi
Production Manager:  Roozbeh Hoseinikargar
Recordist: Mansoor Shahbazi
Sound Designing and Synchronizing :  Mahmood Moosavinezhad
Set and Costume Designer:  Payam Eskandari / Melody Esma’ili
Makeup Designer: Mohsen Darsanj
Music: Behzad Abdi
Editor: Bahram Dehqani
Director of Photography: Mas’ood Salami
Producer: Javad Noroozbeigi

Pursuant to the nuclear sanctions on the banking system some companies and institutes appeared in order to utilise domestic inside trading and international relations and to return the money attained in such transactions. The corruption resulting from their money and power struck heavy blows to the economy, politics, and culture of the Iranian nation. Such conditions are related by a woman, Mohey, who experiences harsh events on the path to do black deals and to launder large sums. Story of this film is based on real events.



Teaching in Culture and Art University

Discipline Date
History of Photography and Stylistics 2008 – 2011
Directing 2008 – 2011
Scriptwriting 2008 – 2011
Acting in Cinema 2008 – 2011
Film Analysis 2008 – 2011
Script Supervising 2008 – 2011
Principals of Shooting with Sound 2008 – 2011
Project Consultant and Advising Professor

Journalism Career

Film Critic in Newspapers Khorasan, Seda, Sharq 2006 – 2010
Film Critic in Magazines Film, Art Encyclopaedia… 2006 – 2010
Reporter of Children International Film Festival – Esfahan 2001 – 2002
Reporter of Short Films International Festival – Esfahan and… 2001 – 2004
Executive Manager of Paper Window University Students Journal (Soureh Art University) 2002 – 2005

Managing Director of Haft Roban Sefid Filmmaking Institute, Production of 16 mm and 35 mm Short and Full Length Telefilms



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Category : Art House , Commercial , Feature

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