Original Title : Royahaye Ashpazkhane
Type : Short Animation- Fiction

Running Time:   14 min
Film Gauge:
Original version:  Persian
Subtitled in English
Screening format: FullHD
Sound: AAC 48kHz
Ratio: 16:9
Year: 2017

28th edition of FIDMarseille International Film Festival



Director : Arvin Medghalchi
Writer:  Arvin Medghalchi, Aniseh M.Hadi
Visual Effects Designers: Arvin Medghalchi
Production Manager:
Sound Designing and Synchronizing :  Hossein Ghoorchian
Set and Costume Designer: Arvin Medghalchi
Makeup Designer:
Music: Aydin Tavakolian
Editor: Arvin Medghalchi
Director of Photography: Arvin Medghalchi
Producer:  Behtash Sanaeeha, Kiarash Sanaeeha

The story of a woman trapped in her annoying life with her non-understanding husband. She has made an imaginary place to escape this situation sometime in the day with the power of her writings but then in order not to lose that world she has to face her husband and stop hiding her passion to write.

Director’s Motivation:
Kitchen Dreams is the film my mother wanted me to do. She wrote the original story many years ago which was more like a long literary fiction named “The gazebo with paper flowers”. Recently she came to me with the story and told me to make an animation of it. The story hit me as I read it for the first time because I saw a deep connection with the story line and my mother herself and what she had been through in her real life. Somehow it was the story of her in another dimension.
So I made the decision to make it as a stop motion film. I made some little changes, made it shorter and wrote a scenario suitable for an animation film.
There were many challenges in making Kitchen Dreams like building the sets, the puppets and other technical issues and the one big problem was the low budget because it was a self-founded film so there was a limit hiring more people to help therefor I had to do most of the parts by myself while I was a self-toughed animator.
But I never gave up on it because I wanted it to be done for my mother to make her happy and for once make one of her exciting stories come alive to share it with other people because she is used to hide her writings.
And of course I thought the story would be worth to share because of its massage “to follow your dreams no matter what stands in your way just dare to stand and fight for your right and freedom” this could be pointing any of us in our lives.

Director’s Statement :
Kitchen dreams have a challenging story in which every person could take something different out of it.
Although it looks like this but you cannot call this story completely feminine because the style is surreal and every element in this story could represents a different meaning. While working on the story I saw the massage hiding there on a higher level than just a husband and wife issue.
As we know in many countries there are discriminations and many rulers won’t give freedom of speech so this is actually the true massage in the heart of this story.
I used puppets and stop motion animation to create this film because I believe real puppets and handmade material can make a deeper connection with the director and the audience in the same time. For me it is the best way to express my passion in making a story come alive and share it with others.As the woman’s character is very sensitive and patience I used a soft line of editing by having some long cuts which focuses on her face so that we can see her suffer and thinking a lot. I kept this till the end even in those scenes where she stands and fights back we still see some gentle behavior as the original soundtrack tells this about her as well.



Arvin Medghalchi was born in June 1983. He is an Iranian Animated filmmaker, screen writer, editor, animator and director, Graphic Designer and illustrator.  He gained his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design from Cyprus.  Arvin was always interested in storytelling; he made his first animation in 2004.  His passion has continued and he has made several animations in 2D and stop motion, which has succeeded in many local and international festivals.

Director’s Filmography :
2004 ” The Big Dream” 2D
2006 ” The lonely dog” 2D
2009 Edgar Allan Poe’s ” The Black Cat”   Stop Motion
2013 “Imperfection”   Paper Cut Animation
2013″ The Make Up”   Cut Out and Stop Motion
2014″ Pinocchio ” Music Video – 2D Animation
2014″ OMID ( hope ) ” Stop Motion
2017″ Kitchen Dreams” Stop Motion
2017 ” In Mediterranean Arms” 2D




BEHTASH SANAEEHABorn in Shiraz in 1980, Behtash Sanaeeha is graduated in civil engineering(BA),later he left his master program in architecture and started to write scripts and directing short films, documentaries and commercials .He also wrote and directed two animated tv series and a TV fiction film.

He was jury member at 41th Göteborg Film Festival – The Ingmar Bergman International Debut Award –

” Risk of Acid Rain” is his first feature film with awarded history below :

  • WINNER of the best screenplay award in 33th Fajr Film Festival – IRAN 2015
  • Nominated for the best film (art & experience) in 33th Fajr Film Festival – IRAN 2015
  • WINNER of the best talented first film director in the 9th celebration of film critics-IRAN 2015
  • WINNER of the NETPAC award -AUSTRALIA 2015
  • WINNER of the special jury award Inernational Film Festival Colombo – SRI LANKA  2015
  • WINNER of Audience award Prague Film Festival – CZECH Republic 2016
  • Official Selection 26th Stockholm Film Festival – SWEDEN 2015
  • Official Selection Mumbai Film Festival – INDIA 2015
  • Official Selection 14th Pune Film Festival – INDIA 2015
  • Official Selection Zurich Film Festival – SWITZERLAND 2015
  • Official Selection 39th Gothenburg Film Festival – SWEDEN 2016
  • Official Selection 19th perth Film Festival – AUSTRALIA 2016



28th edition of FIDMarseille International Film Festival


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