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Original Title:  KEJAL
Type:  Drama Fiction l Thriller l Social l Women Issue l War

Running Time: 78min
Film Gauge: Digital
Shooting Format: HD
Camera: Cannon 5D
Film Ratio: 16.9
Resolution :1920-1080
Screening format: DCP, Blu-Ray
Sound: 5.1
Ratio: 48000
Year: 2018

22nd edition of Black Nights Film Festival  from 16th of November to 2nd of December 2018 in Estonian cities of Tallinn and Tartu. 22nd edition of Black Nights Film Festival  from 16th of November to 2nd of December 2018 in Estonian cities of Tallinn and Tartu.


Actor 1:    Samira Zoka’ee   as . . Kejal

Actor 2:    Maryam Boobani  as Kajal’s Mother

Actor 3:    Nastaran Mohammadi as  Rojin

Actor 4:    Mohsen Mohammadnezhad as Sirvan

Actor 5:    Asad Reza’ee as  kak Soleyman

Actor 6:    Naseh Hoseinzadeh as lal (Uncle) Naseh

Actor 7:    Hasan Hoseinzadeh as  lal (Uncle) Hasan

Actor 8:    Ashkan Hoseinzadeh as . Ashkan (Kajal’s brother)



Director:  Nima Yar (Salehiyar)
Writer:   Armin Isariyan
Visual Effects Designer: Ali Tasdiqi
Production Managers:Mehdi Khalili, Iman Yazdi
Sound Recordist:  Mohammad Shahverdi
Sound Designing and Synchronising:   Arash Qasemi
Set and Costume Designer: Ja’far Mohamadshahi
Makeup Designer:  Hashem Faghani
Music:   Omid Re’isdana
Editor:  Cewna DourandiSean (Ali  Doorandishan)
Directors of Photography: Amir Aliveisi, Afshin Alizadeh
Producer: Javad Noroozbeigi

Kajal is one of the strongest female characters that is featured in the cinema these days.Woman with tenacious and femininity inspired from the mountains that she has grown up there, who can take any of us to the front of the mirror to remember ourselves  : I can do it  !
Kejal is a university student who begins smuggling goods on her back with all her might on Iran and Iraq border to look after her mother and brother.

Director’s Motivation: The pain I saw in Kurdistan is common among all people in the world. The people who carry their life on their back on the cold mountains amid bullets and mines while they struggle to make a living. I made Kejal to depict that pain. I killed Kejal with the actors who were their true self, the girl I am myself, if I was a woman and lived in such a challenge.

Director’s Statement: Kejal pictures the power of one’s belief, strength, story that show  there is always a solution and hope in any aspect of our life  Many humans do not want to be into politics, therefore, many policies are not humane.

Nima YAR


Nima Yar (Salehiyar), born in Tehran, Iran on 18 December 1984

Education: Software BS, 2007

Director, actor, photographer, and designer

Beginning of art career with designing sculptures, painting, and social photography – 2000 till now

Beginning of acting under supervision of Master Hamid Samandarian – 2001

Directing course, Youth Cinema Society (Javaneh) – 2008

Acting course in Improv Solution Institute – 2007

Improvisation in Improv Solution Institute – 2007

Performance creativity course in Improv Solution Institute – 2008

Acting in theatre – 2001-2008

Playing in a few television series and serials – 2002-2006

Production of short independent and documentary films – 2004-2011

First feature film: Kejal

 Director’s Filmography:


These Days – 2004

First from the end- 2008

  •  Documentary:

Greetings to Playing – 2007


Javad Norooz-Beigi


Javad Norooz Beigi is an Iranian producer who was born in 1966. He studied Management and his professional involvement in the film industry started in 1993. Javad Norooz Beigi is the creator of the Qabe Aseman Art & Culture Production Institute, an institute that deals with the production of films and TV shows.


  • 22nd edition of Black Nights Film Festival  from 16th of November to 2nd of December 2018 in Estonian cities of Tallinn and Tartu.
  • WINNER of NETPAC AWARD 22nd edition of Black Nights Film Festival  


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