Line Up 2018
Original Title:  Atr-e-Dagh
Type:  Drama Fiction l Thriller l Social l Women Issue l Youth

Running Time:  83  min
Aspect Ratio:1:1.85
Film Rate :24fps
Original version:  Persian
Subtitled in English
Screening format: DCP, Blu-Ray
Sound: 5:1
Year: 2018


Attore 1 – Actor 1: Khatereh ASADI                                   Personaggio – Character: Maryam

Attore 2 – Actor 2: Shiva MAKINIAN                                Personaggio – Character: Maliheh (Mali)

Attore 3 – Actor 3: Shahram HAGHIGHAT DOUST       Personaggio – Character: Ahmad

Attore 4 – Actor 4: Mehrdad SEDIGHIAN                        Personaggio – Character: Nima

Attore 5 – Actor 5: Bahareh KIAN AFSHAR                     Personaggio – Character: Sara

Attore 6 – Actor 6: Sima TIRANDAZ                                  Personaggio – Character: Mahboubeh

Attore 7 – Actor 7: Mahvash SABRKON                            Personaggio – Character: Mother (Marzieh)

Attore 8 – Actor 8: Karim AKBARI MOBARAKEH        Personaggio – Character: Father (Ghader)

Attore 9 – Actor 9: Ehsan AMANI                                     Personaggio – Character: Hashem

Attore 10 – Actor 10: Aisan HADAD                                 Personaggio – Character: Mahdieh


Director: Ali EBRAHIMI
Visual Effects Designers: Hamid RASOULIAN – Javad MATOURI
Production Manager: Rahim BIABANI
Recordist: Vahid RAZAVIAN
Sound Designing and Synchronizing: Arash GHASEMI
Set and Costume Designer: Majid ALI ESLAM
Makeup Designer: Majid ESKANDARI
Music: Vahid ZARDI
Editor: Sara AHANI
Director of Photography: Saaed NIKZAT
Producer: – Mohammad ATHARI

Synopsis: Hot Scent is the story of Generation Gap.. Maryam, 20 years old, has a strict father and mother . A night backing late home after spending time with her boyfriend , she is forced to stay overnight at a friend’s place, trying to hide the fact from her father . But now she is also forced to be thrown into the lives and strangers.

Director’s Motivation: “Generation Gap”, particularly in the Iranian society which is torn between the tradition and the modernity, was my main concern to tell this story. This lack of understanding from the both sides may create catastrophic results, which hurt the both sides of the argument.

Director’s Statement: Sometimes to tell a big story, you need a big media, which in my view there is no other major media than the “cinema”. I try to communicate with my local story, which may feel close to the heart of the international audience.




(1988 – Tehran) He has Associate Degree in cinema and since the age of 16, started working in the film industry as the art director assistant. Four years later, he was fully in charge of art direction and costume design. In 2010 he directed his first short film. He has also been involved in theater and sculpting.


Director’s Filmography:

Well Done (05 min – 2012)

The Eclipse (12 min – 2013

The God’s Smile (15 min – 2014)

The Love Ballad (01 min – Animation – 2015



Mohamad ATHARI





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