Line Up 2018

Original Title:  Biography
Type: LGBT l Drama Fiction l Thriller l Social l Women Issue

Running Time: 75min
Film Gauge: Digital
Shooting Format: HD
Camera: Cannon 5D
Film Ratio: 16.9
Screening format: DCP, Blu-Ray
Sound: 5.1
Ratio: 16:9
Year: 2018



Attore 1 – Actor 1: Bahar Katouzi                           Personaggio – Character: Raheleh
Attore 2 – Actor 2: Misagh Zare                              Personaggio – Character: Ahmad
Attore 3 – Actor 3: Ashakn Mehri                           Personaggio – Character: Saeid
Attore 4 – Actor 4: Rouholah Mehrabi                   Personaggio – Character: Rasoul
Attore 5 – Actor 5: Mehran Malakouti                   Personaggio – Character: Farhad


Director: Fatima Saghafi
Writer:  Amir Hossein Saghafi
Visual Effects Designers:
Production Manager: Amir Heydari
Recordist: Mehran Malakouti
Sound Designing and Synchronizing: Arash Ghasemi
Set and Costume Designer: Sharareh Souroush
Makeup Designer: Mohammad Ghomi
Music:  Babak Mirzakhani
Editor: Rouholah Ansari
Director of Photography: Majid Golsefidi
Producer: Ali Akbar Saghafi

Director’s Motivation: Right is a complicated issue. The truth is similar to a mirror which has broken.  Each of us, took a piece of this broken mirror and believed that we know and got the truth. I was impressed by that piece of truth that Rahele (the main character of the film) carried.  the sad, dark part of truth, that was hidden inside her. I accompanied her to fly beyond everything and she flew, she flew for his brother(Saeid) and tried to make him free. I tried to make an image of these forgotten people in this film, and I believe that life will shout it’s pain all the time.  Nobody, never, can ignore this pain.

Director’s Statement: We, people round the world, are affecting by pain and disasters every day. Art, for me, is grounded from pain and wants to make an image of it. Pain is full of issues and got a great meaning. This meaning is important, especially in the world that we live in it, the world that understanding is a chain, understanding something is a way to understanding something else. In this world, the real meaning of life is hidden in pain.Beyond my today’s pain, is a faith that I have to Rahele (the main character) the faith that Rahele flew with it. Rahele is a powerful human who refuses to bend and makes a victory in this battle. She experienced the pain which leaded her to awareness.

Fatima Saghafi


Director ‘s Biography:

Fatemah saghafi was born in 1987

She has M A in philosophy of art

She is poet, writer and director’s assistant.

She worked with his brother as writer and assistant.

Biography is her first film.


Director’s Filmography:

Biography (fiction 75Min) 2018




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